Cellulite Reduction

Carboxyl Therapy for Cellulite Reduction

No one is a fan of cellulite and, of course, it is very pesky to keep away.
Cellulite is caused by fat seperating beneath the skin and binding in other places giving that dimpling effect. We understand its not flattering and want you to stop hiding your bathing suit and short shorts!

Carboxyl Therapy for Cellulite Reduction is an amazing, effective procedure for localized cellulite issues. It has been used for over 70 years in Europe and is FDA approved. The science behind how this works is very similiar to the spot fat reduction, however, the difference being the depth of the targeted cellulite. Medical grade CO2 is injected into the problem area directly breaking the binding fat down while allowing your body to natually rejuvenate the area with collegan and proteins to promote smoother, tighter skin with reduce fat in selected areas .... Do you hear your bathing suit calling yet?

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1 Area
$200 per treatment
$900 package of 5 ​($100 savings!)
$1,500 package of 10 ($500 savings!)

2 Areas
$250 per treatment
$1,150 package of 5 ​($100 savings!)
$2,000 package of 10 ($500 savings)

For best results, we recommend 5 to 10 treatments, however, treatments are tailored to each patient and results may vary.