Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch Mark Reduction with Carboxyl Therapy

As we grow and go through life, our skin becomes part of our living story. Whether they are from youthful growth spurts or from having your first child, stretch marks may become part of our beautiful canvas that we tend to much rather keep hidden.

Carboxyl Therapy is a safe, natural treatment that will revitalize your skin using  medical grade Carbon Dioxide (CO2), the same CO2 that is found in your body at all times. The CO2 is injected into the stretch mark to increase the blood flow to the affected areas, resulting in the a rush of oxygen and nutrients. That rush provides your cells the boost they need to repair themselves by producing and replacing collegan that was originally lost during stretch mark creation. After just one treatment, you should notice a decrease in size and/or pigmentation of the stretch mark may become lighter. 

We recommend 6 treatments for best results, however, treatments are tailored to each patient and results may vary. Call for a consultation today!

$175 per treatment
$500 package of 3 ($25 savings!)
$950 package of 6 ($100 savings!)